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It was always there.

Since 2009 we’ve been a twinkle in the eye of the city…. growing, building, wrenching, pulsing and purring like the bikes between our legs. We haled from the streets and garages of Chicago and came with tight lil builds that ran better and faster than most. We honed our skills, we tuned our bikes, we wrenched, we rode and we took our time to do it right. We traveled the hills, valleys and  plains of this country from one coast to another just to ride our  two stroke, two pedal, wonder machines with others that celebrate our culture of creativity and pure moped enthusiasm. Inspired by the friends we had met along the way and while returning from one particularly fun east coast adventure, we realized that “This must be shared" and that something that was always there, was given a name most pure ….MOPED.


No matter the build, whether stock or custom, our bikes are focused on precision, design and construction with a penchant for reliability. Since opening our doors in the heart of Chicago in 2012, MOPED has spread its own flavor of brotherhood and community throughout the windy city and wherever our journeys take us.


We give you the ride….where will it take you?




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